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Artist, Hilliard Davis, II, has been making images all his life.  Starting with dinosaurs and all things "prehistoric", he, gradually, made his way into people, both familiar and heroic.  Clouds and landscapes making their way into his imagery by highschool, he was asserting a realism to the ideal, and incorporating stylisms into naturalistic renditions.  It was in his teenage years that he first started to decorate denim for friends and apply paint to canvas.

     In higher education he was exposed to a greater range of artistic expression and  expanded his palate of art styles and movements, combining them to create original and individual pieces of art.  He, of course, is often tempered by the artists he holds with high esteem.  Rembrandt, Artemisia Gentileschi, Rosa Bonheur, Carrivagio, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, and countless ancient African, Asian and European Artists, whose work is open for study worldwide.  Crediting God as the first Artist, he seeks to emulate the greatness of creativity everywhere. 

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